About Me

My Qualifications

I am fully qualified and insured to offer the public professional Massage treatment.

Hand massageMy Interests

I am very passionate about touch and particularly NO HANDS Massage. This means I “walk the talk” of Massage therapy and get regular monthly treatments myself! I have a long interest in all natural approaches to health and self healing.

My Philosophy

I believe that regular Massage is absolutely essential for a healthy, happy and successful life. I have been having treatments now for about 8 years and I feel fitter, freer and younger now than before. I have continued to grow in the NO HANDS style of massage and am now an Instructor so can offer NO HANDS Massage training here in Carnoustie to any other therapist that is interested.  To encourage you to experience the power of NO HANDS, I have a very generous introductory offer which means you can book a treatment very cheaply – just ring to ask me for details.